Spring is just around the corner

59° F | 28° F
15° C | -2° C
59° F | 33° F
15° C | 1° C
65° F | 40° F
18° C | 4° C
57° F | 36° F
14° C | 2° C
52° F | 37° F
11° C | 3° C
Clear Clear Mostly Cloudy Partly Cloudy Chance of Rain

There it is: the forecast for the week here in Augusta, Ga, per wunderground.com. Those lows don’t feel like spring, but for some reason, I can feel the change. The temperature outside this morning is 35°, but there is something different. The air is filled with the songs of birds, the sun is brighter and I can feel a lift in my spirit.

This happens every year around this time. I really struggle during the winter. Only the people living within the four walls of my home can see it, but I struggle with depression during the winter. I put on some weight. I find it impossible to exercise. I sleep in a little later and I don’t have much energy.

Compare that to my summers when I’m full of energy. I can’t go a day without running – even when we’re near 100 ° and others think they’ll pass out just walking to the mailbox to get their mail. No, I don’t mind the sweat. It’s just another reminder of the warmth that the sun brings. And in the summer, I rarely hear those little nasty voices that try to knock your self-esteem.

I’m certain this is all part of God’s amazing design. There are cycles for plants and animals, why not for humans? Doesn’t it make sense that we slow down in the winter? We need to rest and hibernate a bit just like the animals…..especially since our current society allows us such little down time. The invention of electricity has allowed us the curse privilege of being able to stay up late to finish chores and electronic toys to keep us entertained into the wee hours of the morn when we should be sleeping. In fact, we can shop at several chain stores twenty four hours a day. No wonder we are tired. God gave us a reminder to rest (darkness) and we have circumvented His design and wonder why we don’t have any energy.

So, I’m re-energized. I made it through winter and am on my way to spring. The days are getting longer and the presence of more sunlight is a blessing. Though there is a chill in the air, I think I’ll go out for a run later in the day. It’s time to get my blood pumping again.

Do you struggle in the winter and feel the energy when the winter cold is blown away by the spring breezes?


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