In Pieces

We are careful about the items that we let Joy purchase. She is saving – and has been – for a metal detector. She’s quite the spy…. the inventor…. the investigator. She must seek and find…. how things work …. what’s inside …. how this does that. I’ve put off allowing her to purchase the metal detector simply because she has worked hard to save a large amount of money and I hate to see her disassemble her purchase and leave it in pieces on a barren table. She is well-known for taking apart most anything she can. She says that, “A screw screams, ‘Take me apart! There is something interesting inside!'” She goes yardsaling with me to purchase things that she can take apart.

These sunglasses lay on the dining table with the weapon of choice right beside. When properly fitted together, they serve a useful purpose. In three parts rather than one, these pieces are useless.

Jesus spoke in parables. He used the physical world to examine spiritual principles. I look for these stories in the world around me.

And I’ve thought of Joy’s insatiable thirst to take apart her life. How does this speak to me and my spiritual life?

What are my weapons of choice? The computer, the phone, errands, bills….. exercise, food, shopping. What weapons do I use to disassemble the days of my life so that they are left useless rather than serving the purpose for which they were created? I was ultimately created to worship God and serve others. Rather, I worship self with God and others as onlookers.

Like Jesus spoke in parables, paralleling the spiritual and physical worlds, God convicts, teaches and shows me His love through daily activities or His creation.  I love to share those stories.

Like the metal detector, I was purchased at great cost. Like the sunglasses, I have a specific purpose and job. I begin another day questioning the best way to live my life as a single, functioning tool to be used for its purpose in a way that glorifies its maker.

What tools do you use to make sure that, at the end of your day, your time was spent wisely and you’ve done the job that you were created to do?


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