Loss of credibility

My oldest friend – yeah, the friend that I’ve had the longest NOT the friend who is oldest in age – called me within fifteen minutes of our leaving the tattoo/piercing parlor to let me know that I’ve earned some major cool points with her. (I’ve got to tell you the order of events!! Glory took a picture and sent it to her best friend in ATL, who immediately sent it to another friend in south GA who showed it to his mom, who immediately called me….. within NO MORE than 15 minutes of our leaving the pierce shop! Wow)

My daughter is pretty pumped about her new nose ring ……. but…….in the eyes of at least a few others, I have lost at least some accumulated credibility that I may have earned through the years.

It was a hard decision to make. Every article of clothing, piece of jewelry, tattoo…. everything we have on or near our body makes a statement. We’re human. We’re visual. We make decisions based upon what we see.

Although ….. we’re also spirits. We need to work on our spiritual vision of each other. Don’t you think?

A nose ring has a stigma attached to it. When I was young, many girls had pierced ears. Multiple piercings weren’t popular yet. I had one ear (not both) double pierced. People thought it was odd. That’s why I liked it. It said I was different.

Now my sixteen year old wants to be different. But, being different takes more than a second piercing on one ear today.

My logic was this: A nose ring has a stigma attached to it. I’d rather her experience that stigma – positive from some while negative from others – in a way that is fairly reversible. A nose ring, when removed, leaves a fairly small scar. It’s not permanent like a tattoo. And it’s just a little hole, for goodness sake.

So, she may find that there are places she can’t work because she has a facial piercing. She may find a cold reception from some adults. She may find college recruiters are distant. That’s all part of the stigma. And that’s okay with me. I would rather her experience some independence and make some edgy decisions in her own time (now) rather than being held back and later feeling the need to make up for lost time and doing something incredibly drastic.

But, I’m hearing it from a few friends and NOT hearing anything from many others.

It’s a tough thing to raise children, because each one is individual. One child needs one thing while another needs something completely and utterly different. It’s tough to know what is right for each one. Each day is a new adventure. Each day requires a dose of wisdom all its own.

So, is God okay with this nose stud? All I know for sure is that He desires more than anything that our HEART be right, not our jewelry. My prayer is that the stigma attached to my daughter is that she loves the Lord and she loves others as He loves her. This is the spiritual, not the physical. This is where I want to be wise and focus my wisdom.

What decisions have you made that have made others question your spirituality?


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