I think he knows

Glory left on Tuesday morning. This shot was taken on Tuesday afternoon. Mudge has spent most of his sleeping hours on Glory’s bed. I think he knows she’s gone. Either that or he’s just keenly aware that her room is the most (audibly – not visually) quiet in the house.

And I don’t blame him for missing her. Glory is a ray of sunshine. You can almost see a rainbow swoosh through the air as she moves from room to room. She’s a people pleaser person (same – same?… at least for most). Thus, now that she’s driving, she’s only home to bathe and sleep. I miss her, too. I miss her since she left for Albany for a week… and I miss her since she turned 16 and is gone WAY too much for a Mom’s heart.

And don’t you just love her room? My two oldest have lived in a dozen homes in their few years of life. When we bought the house we’re in, Glory asked if she could write on the walls. I didn’t even have to think about it. “YES” was my gut response. The condition: when we move, she has to sand and paint her room.

Glory has been a collector of phrases for years. So, we bought her a pack of paint pens and she pulled out her little book of sayings. She began to write. It brings me great joy to go into her room, because it’s personal, because it’s busy, because it’s her.

Glory’s view of the world

She has cool plastic shower curtains over her windows, bright, tropical colors everywhere and too many photographs to count. Her friend, Tara, says she gets a headache when she goes into her room (Tara is much more subdued than Glory). There are others who have had the same reaction. I understand. But, Glory’s room gives me energy.

I love her monkey. He began outside her room, hanging on the curtain tie-backs that keep the beaded curtain pulled to the side. He migrated to her room on her mirror. One at a time, he has been given earrings, a nose ring, a belly button ring, a tobyMac pin and a necklace. He’s a really jiggy monkey.

Retro Bedside table makeover
Retro Bedside table makeover

Another great find was this uber fun retro table. It had broken marble slabs in the top. We recycled those and added wood inserts in their place. We had three pieces of glass cut to allow her to put photos – or whatever she’d like – into the showcases. With little plastic spacers between the wood and glass, there’s room for photos or even mementos. The top was in bad shape so we painted it purple and made this table fit perfectly into her room.

She used to have a chair for reading. She asked for a footstool for quite a while, but we couldn’t find one that was cool enough. Then I found this 1970’s mushroom stool. It had a yellowing vinyl top, but the black bottom was in mint condition. So, I bought some plush purple cloth and covered the stool for her as a birthday gift. Though she no longer has the chair in her room, she won’t part with the stool.

Her butterflies … let’s call them Ben & Jerry ’cause they add flava to the room

Her butterflies remind me of her. They’re bright and colorful. Butterflies flit about from one place to another. They throw splashes of color wherever they fly. They make people look and react. They illicit reaction. When you see one, your first reaction is to tell others to “Look.” You become still…. even quiet…. and watch. Or you try to catch her when she flies by or you follow him as he bounces on the air. This is my Glory.

I once made the mistake of buying her kleenex in a cool, decorated box. Then she expected to always get cool kleenex. Wrong. I’m too frugal for that. So, I bought her a tissue box cover and decorated it to fit her room.

So, you’ve been given a glance at the girl through the room in which she resides. We miss her presence. We miss her free spirit. We miss her glory. You can probably see why.

What room in your home best represents the person who lives within?

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