Beach Bound

The excitement builds as we prepare for a week at the beach. I am so very excited. We’re going to Hunting Island State Park in South Carolina so that Joy can go to their classes .

Joy is going to have a chance to crab and learn about sea turtles. We will look for fiddler crabs and sand fleas (not the gnatty flying kind… but the dig in the sand, live in the ocean, critter kind) to use for bait so we can catch something yummy to eat for dinner. We’ll walk the marsh and learn lighthouse history. AND we’re going to Kayak in the lagoon!!! Just too much fun.

We bought a new tent since our last tent had to be thrown away after our trip to Myrtle Beach. We had a tremendous storm that left the inside of the tent completely flooded. The old tent was at least ten years old. I was big and roomy…. but a leaky tent is useless when it rains.

And we even got a changing room tent! I hate having to zip up all the windows on a tent when someone needs to change. Now, we can use the changing room. And, yes, we have a porta-potty for night-time. When we camp at Congaree National Park soon (no bath houses or showers), we’ll even be able to use the room as a shower because it has a shower drain floor on one side. How cool is that!!

We also upgraded to a “Max Cold Cooler.” Our cooler lost a limb on the last trip (the handle ripped out of its socket). It was also aging. We’ll see if the additional money spent on the “Five Day” cooler is worth it by saving us from buying so many bags of ice on a trip.

So, the house will still be manned. Both James and Glory will be home. They both have to work some while we’ll be out-of-town. But, between Dulcie the Wonder Dog and the kids, I’m sure things at home will remain safe and protected.

It will be hard leaving two children behind. We’ve never been on a “family trip” with two family members missing. It will be hard to leave them mainly because I know they will miss SO much fun. I don’t remember the last time we spent a whole week at the beach. In fact, I don’t know that we’ve ever spent a whole week at the beach during the summer. We spent two Thanksgivings at the beach with my folks….. but those were two trips to forget. Both trips ended in what would best be called sand storms. The wind blew so much both years that we’ve decided camping at Thanksgiving isn’t as good an idea as we originally thought.

Hopefully, this week will be splendid. I hope to be able blog and share photos … or maybe even video! or sea turtles! Yay!

Where have you been on vacation this summer?


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