Nina Star

If you look up “best friend” in your picture dictionary, you’ll find this picture:

Nina & Glory
Best Friends: Nina & Glory

What joy it brings me to see my Glory glowing. Her best friend, Tara, just came into town for the weekend. They don’t get to see each other very often so it’s a BIG deal that Glory spent a week with Tara recently and is now able to share a weekend with her here in Augusta.

They first met when we lived in Albany, Georgia about eight or nine years ago. We only lived there for one year, but we made such good friends there. My good friend, Bonnie, (Tara’s Mom) is there. One of my favorite friends, Heather, lives there.

Glory has had many friends through the years, but a few of those special friendships have really stood the test of time. Tara’s is one.

When Tara was born, her mom ALMOST named her Nina Star. Doesn’t that sound like a name some bohemian hippie might come up with on a Friday night at party?  I LOVE it! So, I love to call Tara by her ALMOST name: Nina.

When Glory & Nina first met, they didn’t like each other at all. Nina was settled in the homeschooling group with lots and lots of established friendships. Glory was in that familiar position – the new kid on the block surrounded by people who were living lives steeped in old, familiar friendships. If you’ve never moved, you really can’t relate to the situation. It’s tough. It’s tougher when you’re in middle school.

Nina and her brother say that Glory and James looked mean, so they didn’t talk to them. They were probably just nervous and uncomfortable.

In time, Nina and Glory became friends. And as the years go by, their friendship continues to grow.

The two of them are VERY incredibly different. Nina is quiet, a little reserved and a great judge of character. She’s quick to call out a friend when they need it. She’s very respectful to her parents and has a great relationship with her brother.

Glory is NOT quiet or reserved. She’s a fairly bad judge of character (she’s an underdog lover, no matter their character) and she rarely calls out a friend because she hates confrontation. She struggles with disrespect and tolerates her brother (though lifeguarding seems to have improved their relationship this summer).

In their long list of differences, they compliment each other. And together they make an excellent pair. They’re fun and funny. They keep each other accountable. They listen to each other. When one is down, the other is there with an encouraging word.

Friendships change through the years. Sometimes the Lord allows a friendship to grow and other times it may dissolve. I don’t know how long Nina & Glory will be friends, but I pray their friendship will sustain college, marriages, children and more. I pray that the Lord will allow them to remain in the “picture dictionary” beside the phrase “best friends” for decades to come.

Who is the friend that you’ve known the longest? Write about it and leave me a link or leave a comment below.


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