Yay! We’re here!

What a day!  Excitement because some of us embarked on an exciting camping trip…… but sadness because Nina had to return home.   I’m sure it was hard for Glory.  Her family and her best friend left on the same day.

I hope Nina’s travels were as wonderful as ours.

We had beautiful weather so our “Beverly Hillbillies” pick up truck didn’t get drenched.

We made great time. When I’m navigating – or driving, for that matter – we often find ourselves in a different location on the map than we thought we were. We made one wrong turn and caught our mistake within four miles. Now THAT’S an accomplishment!

The best part was that we had hoped to leave no later than noon and made it out before 3:30. This is a HUGE accomplishment! Our goal is usually 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning and by 3:30 or 4:00, tempers are short and tongues are sharp and we’re often still at home.

James told us good-bye and initiated a family prayer before he left for church at ten o’clock. When he drove in the driveway after church, I cringed and grunted. Joy asked, “What’s wrong?” I said, “James is going to laugh at us.” He opened the door and threw his loud belly laugh into the living room. He got ready for work and left around 11:30ish. He had to work today until 4:00. He called somewhere around 12:00 or 1:00 to laugh and say he’d see us when he got off work.

I was so glad to pull out before 4:00.Joy - waiting for the drive to begin

The new tent went up without a hitch. There’s a nice breeze so bugs are not numerous. And it looks like the only thing that we forgot that I really wanted to bring is a bottle of shampoo and our microscope. Walmart is not far away so we can fix the shampoo need, but I guess we’ll have to view plankton under a microscope on another beach adventure.

We’ve already seen a sea turtle nest!! Tomorrow, we’ll do some exploring and find out which ones are nearing hatching time.

For now, it’s light out. We’re all planning to get up with the sun in the morning to scope out the beach.

We got the tent set up just in time to walk on the beach at dusk. I can’t wait to see it in the morning sunlight.

I’ve been left alone to blog in the darkness. I need to recharge my camera and my own personal battery. The sun will rise early.

We’ll keep in touch.


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