Monday on the beach

Yesterday, Joy and I took the lighthouse Tour. It was quite interesting. Everywhere I turn, we are learning something new.

The original lighthouse was blown up during the Civil War. This lighthouse is one of two in the nation that is constructed of large, curved cast iron plates. While the inside is lined with bricks, the stairs and landings are also constructed of beautiful cast iron. It was made that way because the island has experienced a great deal erosion for years. The builders wanted to be able to move it easily. Good thing, because it had to be moved in 1889.

Joy and I took the walk to the top. I’ll have to admit that it was a little eerie looking over the rail as we walked around the perimeter of the top of the house.

I thought that Glory was fearless…….until I had Joy. She’s always the child at the top of the tree, or fence, or basketball goal. She’s the only child who has had stitches (she busted her head open last year at the pool trying to teach herself to do a somersault off the side of the pool). She loved the top of the lighthouse and didn’t understand why I DIDN’T want her to stick her head between the rails so she could see better.

That having been said, we took a bike ride yesterday from the campsites to a beach area near the lighthouse. The trail was slightly hilly, slightly rooty, narrow and long (maybe two miles?). It was sandy in some spots, had spider webs and palmetto branches jutting out across it and even had one nice drop off on a sharp curve. I was hot and got tired by the end… but….

Joy cried at least halfway through the ride. It was exhausting. As we pedaled, she cried, “I don’t want to die.” (She errs on the dramatic side). She screamed, “I don’t want to get stitches again.” I asked her if she wanted to go back to the tent, but she said, “No.” So we rode…….and she cried. Later she apologized for melting. I think she’s the hardest to read. I never know whether to push her or let her be our guide. With her flair for drama, it’s never an easy call.

We were on our way to the Sea Safari class. The kids and a guide used a seine net to dredge the water and then look at the creatures that are caught. It was a great class …. once we finally got there! (Uh-oh, as I write a huge fire truck and ambulance whiz by heading for the back of the campground)


We got to see our friends, the Bruckers, from Augusta. They’re visiting in a cabin here on the island as well. I wish we could find a whole group of families who would join us camping at least twice a year. It would be so neat to do that!

As the week has gone on, the temperature seems to have gone up, but we’re holding up well. The new tent is large enough that we’re not cramped when we’re inside. We’ve had to eat some meals in the tent as the biting, flying critter activity seems to have gotten worse as the temps have gone up. We still have a nice breeze though and rain isn’t in the forecast until Friday.



I better close. I need a nap if I’m going to be out searching for turtles at midnight.

Oh, and the ambulances/fire trucks just made their way out. They didn’t stay long so maybe it was a false alarm.


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