Makes Me Happy Monday: Trees


I absolutely love trees. I love the fact that they give us shade. I love the thick limbs of the Live Oaks that populate my hometown of Thomasville, Georgia. I love all the different acorns that fall from the different varieties of oaks. I like the way that wood smells…. and burns ….. and feels when sanded smooth into a beautiful piece of furniture. I love the grain of the wood that has so much personality. I’m fascinated by the distinct differences in the bark of the River Birch, Loblolly Pine, Magnolia and Pecan. I am marveled by the fact that the tree grows in the dirt and then, one day, becomes dirt.

I enjoy watching the trees through the seasons. The tiny budding leaves in the spring remind me that the hibernation of winter is coming to a close. The beautiful warm light that is filtered by the multiple greens of summer bring me energy. The crisp colors of fall with the crunch of fallen leaves beneath my feet is refreshing. In the winter, when the trees are a stark reminder of the still, quiet rest that we all need, I struggle. I think about the trees, standing in the cold ….. still …. and silent …. and waiting for spring. Like me.

Trees make me happy.

What makes you happy? Leave a comment or send me a link to your page with a story and a photo.

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