Shawn McDonald

I have a few artists that I can really call my favorites. Shawn McDonald is right up there at the top of my list.

When I FIRST heard our local radio station, WAFJ, announce that Shawn McDonald would be in town, I immediately wrote the date down in my calendar. Though my rule is “NO PEN” in my calendar, I could have chosen the pen over the pencil because I knew this was a date that I would keep.

So, Joy and I went to the concert together. We were eighteenth in line. We had a front row seat. We watched intently and enjoyed every strum and pick of the guitar.

You know what struck me with the greatest intensity about the concert? Shawn gives his testimony on his Live in Seattle CD album. The crowd at this venue was not huge, so I wasn’t sure if he would share his testimony. And it was as if he had never told the story. He was so sincere and humble. His presentation wasn’t exactly the same as what I had heard, so it didn’t come across as “rehearsed.” I was thankful that he shared with us. I was grateful to hear details that I had not heard before.

And a fact that I had not heard was that he wouldn’t have chosen to be a singer. He finds it difficult to get up in front of large groups of people. I believe him. He didn’t come across as an entertainer. He comes across as an average guy, given a tremendous gift of music so that he can tell an incredible redemption story.

I would LOVE to be a talented singer and guitar player. And God knows that. Which is why I’m not. There is no way I could remain humble if I had that special gift. I just know it would change who I am…. and I don’t mean for the better.

So, I got to meet Shawn and even get my photo taken with him. That was really a neat privilege!

If you’ve never listened to his music, head over to his website and check out his tunes. He’s a talented writer, vocalist and guitar player.


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