Lost and Found

Last Thursday evening, I saw this beautiful puppy trotting by our house. She looked like she knew where she was going, but she had no collar and was heading to one of the busiest roads in Augusta, just one block from our house.

I grabbed a leash and headed out to see if she could be captured. I assumed she was a puppy who had gotten lost in our neighborhood.

Before dusk, there were signs up everywhere. She wouldn’t eat, and was skittish, but was accepting of our kindness of water and a soft spot to rest. She preferred the couch or my James’s bed for her own, but quickly learned that we wouldn’t agree to that.

While I was away on Friday, nobody called to claim her. We took her to our friend’s vet office to find she wasn’t microchipped. So, we cared for her and had a plan for Saturday.

We headed to the local humane society on Saturday. Nobody was looking for her. We went to a local pet store that sponsors adoptions. A local rescue group was there and directed us call animal services in our county and the county that borders ours. I put ads in the local papers.

We got busy with school on Monday and I waited for phone calls. None came.

Tuesday morning, I remembered that we hadn’t called animal services, so I called the Columbia County Animal Services Office. They had two families who were looking for huskies. The officer called one of the families, though they live in a subdivision almost four miles away. Surely she hadn’t strayed that far from home?

Turns out that she had.

The more I talked with the woman on the phone, the more I recognized that this dog was surely hers. She was fearful of most people, but loved other dogs (our silly old Dalmatian wouldn’t play with her, though). She wouldn’t touch dog food, until extremely hungry, but loved to sit by the table when we ate (as she was forced to forage for food when she was abandoned). She had two beautiful blue eyes, was small framed and female. She left home on Wednesday. We found her Thursday evening. She crossed two very, major roads to get to our house. But, she navigated safely.

Turns out that she is skittish because she’s a rescue. She was abandoned and then adopted four years ago through Molly’s Militia (a local animal rescue group). The family who saved her had a beautiful story to tell of a son, who in his late teens/early 20’s was being treated for cancer. He had given up on life. He wanted a dog so his mom granted his wish. Of the dogs to choose from, he chose Bella because she was afraid and off alone. He realized her need for company. She must have also recognized his. After having chemotherapy, Bella would lie on the bed at Adam’s side. It was no wonder that the only bed that he tried in our home was that of James.

Today, the young man is in college and finished with cancer treatment. The mother credit’s Bella with saving her son’s life.

And I’m thankful that we had a part in possibly saving hers. She might have been injured, picked up or killed, had we not taken her in.

Do you have a rescue story to tell?


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