– Crafting a Menu Board

I always have inspiring projects swimming around inside my head – that I put off beginning for fear of appearing selfish (simply because I love to craft…. so creating somehow feels selfish). But, with the help of Glory’s sweet friend, Nina, (who was visiting last weekend as a surprise for Glory’s 17th birthday celebration), we began and finished this project in just one day.

We took a yard-sale-find frame to Lowe’s to have it fitted with a second piece of glass. Nina painted it a great mustardy-yellow. We chose pieces of scrapbooking paper that would best coordinate with each other and our kitchen/dining/living area. We cut and mounted the paper to create frames for the names of days of the week and the daily menu schedule, as well. Then we mounted the second piece of glass behind the first. And we’re done!

Our awesome project is in the corner of the kitchen by the door and our handy key rack.

So, we’re off to a new school year. We’re working on a “working” schedule and organizing a great menu schedule, as well.

The project for the weekend is to get our schedule down on paper so we can begin to implement it on Monday!

Would you share your most recent project? Leave a comment to tell about it or your web address. Write about it so we can read!

Have a great weekend!


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