Glorious Birthday

Just a few weeks ago, we celebrated seventeen wonderful years with Glory.
She’s a beautiful young woman with a caring, tender heart and a passion to enjoy people.

Glory, some young man is going to be very blessed to call you his wife. I look forward to years ahead as we watch the gifts unfold that the Lord has set aside for you.

In your honor, here is a list of seventeen things that I love about you, dear.

1) You can cook a cake from scratch

2) You are always ready to give a hug.

3) You have great taste in purses.

4) You would rather buy a present than spend on herself.

5) You have an infectious, wonderful smile.

6) You are extremely fun.

7) You are a loyal friend.

8) You can truly keep a secret.

9) You have compassion for outsiders and people in pain.

10) You can drive a stick shift! You go, girl!

11) You have beautiful swimming strokes.

12) You love children.

13) You strive to be original.

14) You don’t like to talk unkindly about people.

15) You don’t mind hard work.

16) You have initiative.

17) You have … finally  ….  learned not to stomp, yell or slam doors.

Happy Birthday, beautiful darling!


One thought on “Glorious Birthday

  1. ok. i have literally only scrolled through in 30 seconds, and i can’t handle it.

    i’m in tears.

    i can’t handle that your sweet women are growing up… and becoming not only incredible beautiful women, but incredibly gracious ones too.
    i can’t handle that i have missed 4 years of their growing b/c of distance. i can’t handle that i can’t run accross the street and hug you myself.

    you are my friend that inspires, blesses, encourages… that has loved me through some really crummy attitude problems when i was lost and hurting…

    i’m so glad you told me you were writing again..

    i miss you


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