Hiding in Plain Sight

Joy and I spent Tuesday afternoon at Reed Creek Nature Center. It’s a wonderful new nature center that isn’t far from our house. We have signed up for one of the afternoon clubs for kids. So, Joy spent the afternoon catching critters and sharing them with the group. Travis, the fearless leader of this rumbling team of kids, is just wonderful. I told Joy that I’m praying for a husband like him for her – a guy who loves the outdoors and animals.

So, here are a few shots of some of the great creatures we saw. Look at the gorgeous pricklies on this guys legs! He’s a Green Lynx Spider – one we’d never seen before, though research tells us that they’re actually fairly common.

Travis is so engaged with the kids – listening, answering questions and guiding them. And his training has taught him to un-cover insects and animals in places that we might not know to look. Often there are bugs right there in front of us, yet still well hidden.

Clouds were overhead while we romped about, but we weren’t pommeled by rain. With storms brewing off every coast, we’re bound to get really wet before hurricane season ends, but looks like we’ve made it through this week without a downpour.

By the time the afternoon was over, we had gotten close up views of the Lynx Spider, a Black & Yellow Argiope (or Pineapple Spider), dragon flies, damsel flies, house flies, and this interesting grasshopper, known as a Toothpick Grasshopper. It’s funny to me how these type creatures are all around us, in the grasses under our feet, right beside us on bushes and vines, just above us tree branches, but we don’t see them until we really take the time to stop and look.

That’s just like God, I think. He’s right there. He’s all around. He’s underneath us, above us and beside us – but until we take the time to stop and look for Him, He tends to go unnoticed.

I want to remember to take the time to look for Him. I want to see Him and His work. I don’t want Him to be invisible because I’m too busy …. or lazy ….. or distracted to take the time to see Him. And I want to remember to allow others to point me towards him … to show Him to me in the places that I might miss.

I tend to see God in nature and creation. Where do you find Him most often?


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