Makes Me Happy Monday: Cicadas

Isn’t this guy beautiful?  We’ve seen many cicadas in our lives, but I’ve never noticed one with beautiful markings like this one. Maybe is young? I’m not sure. 

We’re surrounded by cicadas.  They whizz and whirr all around us all summer long.  You hear them in the trees in the heat of the summer.  You see them flying in circles like a drunken pilot.  You may even see one hit the ground and be unable to right himself.  Many lose their lives to ants because they simply can’t turn over and fly away.

I’ve heard different stories.  Some live buried around the roots of pines for seven to seventeen years.  They emerge, climb up the tree a few feet, shed their skin and fly away.  They are only live a day or two (just time enough to mate), before they die.  No wonder they don’t fly well – they don’t have enough time to practice……. or because their focus is mating!

When I hear cicadas, I think of the many days we heard them abuzz in the tops of the pines at Cape San Blas in Florida.  We camped there often when I was a teen.  I remember the blaring sun, the intense heat and the sound of the cicadas in the trees.  Those three things were inseparable.

Now, my daughter collects the cicadas that buzz about here in Augusta.  We find their empty exoskeleton’s attached to the side of our home, the mailbox post and most pines.  I’ve met more than one person who thinks they are kinda creepy.  Maybe if I didn’t have fond memories that included them, I might feel differently. But, they bring back wonderful childhood memories,  So, Cicadas Make Me Happy.


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