Butterfly fall

Wow.  This afternoon has been so beautiful.  Joy and I have spent some of our time in the hammock this afternoon reading Dave Ramsey’s literature for kids.  We ordered Financial Peace Jr. for her and are enjoying incorporating its principles into our lives.

While we were rocking, we saw a pretty little Nuthatch make his way up the tree beside us and a Downy Woodpecker in another tree close by.

This is a tattered butterfly that lit on our Lantana in the front  yard. I’m not really good at identifying butterflies since many are so similar, but I think this one is a Gulf Fritillary.  You’ll see a much younger, more vibrant version here.

We’re always looking for a hidden cocoon or chrysalis.  I keep saying that I’ll plant some milkweed for Monarch’s, but have
never found it when I’m at a nursery.  I think we’ll try to order some on-line next year.  I’d LOVE Joy to get to see the entire caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly process.  The Monarch’s chrysalis is SO beautiful.  It is a  pretty spring green  with  a gold trim that looks like it has painted on with a fine tipped paint brush.  It’s so amazing!

Just a few days ago, this beautiful moth spent the afternoon on the screen of our back porch. I think, think, think he/she is a Sweetbay Silkmoth.  I was amazed at her thick mascara-wand antennae and her squatty little legs.

What wonderful creatures have flown, creeped or crawled into your life lately?


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