Happy Birthday to Me!

This year, I decided to celebrate a little bit bigger than I usually do. My family usually makes a fuss over me – at dinner time. But, I decided I’d begin the “fuss” earlier in the day, since we often do that for everybody else.

I get up very, very early. So, by 4:00 am, I already had ballons on the light fixture and birthday and congratulatory banners hanging.

I was hungry, so I took the liberty of opening a new jar of strawberry jam. These have been banned for a month or two. The idea was to make jelly to give as Christmas gifts. The reality is that jar after jar was opened until I had to place a moratorium on strawberry jam. But, I decided I wanted some fresh jam on my toast and it was my birthday, so I opened a jar. Yum. It was so delicious.

Around 8:00, I texted fifteen of my closest friends to tell them it was my birthday and they should text me or call me. I think only two or three actually KNEW it was my birthday. A few are technologically challenged and needed a phone call later in the day to prompt them even more. But, by days end,

I had spoken with or been texted by almost all of them. It was such a treat to talk to each of them.

Mid-morning, I was blessed with the hair cut I mentioned way back at the start of “30 Days of Nothing.” I just HATE to pay hard earned money on something that I can do myself. Granted, I can’t cut the hair on the back of my head easily or well. Glory has been helping me trim the length in the back for years. I decided it was time she take it a step up. So, without explanation of JUST what I wanted, I asked her for help with my hair cut. She was happy to oblige… not knowing just what she was getting into.

And as I had expected, she did really well. In fact, I wish I had taken before and after pics. I’m so proud of her. She kinda freaked about mid-cut when I told her what I wanted her to do in the back. When she got about one third of the way in, she thought I was going to hate it and that she’d ruined my hair. But, I’m one of those who has ALWAYS believed in the mantra, “It will grow back.” You just can’t flub up my hair. It has so much body, it’s really hard to mess up.

I’m incredibly pleased with the outcome. I’m thankful for a brave daughter who is willing to be led into unknown territory. I’m thankful for being given the gift of creativity… I’m not afraid to try anything. I’m thankful for hair that is hard to mess up.

Since it was my birthday, I got to choose our meals. We had pancakes with bacon for breakfast. We had ham & cheese paninis for lunch. And dinner was tortellini with a fresh salad. My sweet girls made me a turtle pie for my birthday cake. It was just delicious.

Birthdays mean no chores. I didn’t have to wash a dish or cook a pea on Monday. My sweet little Joy kept asking, “Madre, don’t you want to GO somewhere? Don’t you want to DO something?” She couldn’t understand why I didn’t want to run off and do something exciting. It is SUCH a treat to be HOME and NOT have a list of things that are my responsibility. One day she’ll understand.
My sweet boy gave me a Bath & Body Shop gift certificate, because I don’t spend much time on self-spoiling. My dear Glory gave me magazine subscription to MORE, a magazine I’ve been wanting for a year or more. Sweet little Joy gave me a subscription to OUTSIDE , a magazine I’ve loved for a while. Throw in a gift check from my folks and a Jack Johnson CD! Wow. Who could want more?

I have so much to be thankful for. I am a daughter to a Living God that takes time out of His day to communicate with me individually. I have been given many friends who lead busy lives, but still make the time for our friendship. I have a family who loves me. I have parents who desired me and loved me and waited for me (I was adopted). They lived sacrificially to give me much, teach me much and love me much. I have a beautiful home that is exactly what and where my family needs. I even have great pets. I have excellent health, as does my family. I have want for nothing. I am blessed beyond measure.

How about you? Have you been blessed lately?


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