Another Creek Club

Measuring the creek width

I think we’ll just call Tuesday Creek Day. Every other Tuesday, Joy goes to Reed Creek in the early afternoon for a homeschool club and in the later afternoon for an afternoon program. The two programs are always different and she always learns something new.

Reed Creek is an interpretive center that is just up the road from our home. It’s like a tiny state park (with no camping, of course) equipped with knowledgeable park rangers nestled off a bustling road only two miles from our home and ….. right behind Zaxbys!! We LOVE it.

Investigating with Mrs. Laura

Tuesday, the homeschool club focused on butterflies. I drop Joy off for this meeting so I’m not able to take photos. But the afternoon class, I stay and participate. (note to self: take water boots from now on) This week, they were evaluating the health of the creek. They measured depth, width and water flow speed. They looked for erosion and pollution. And they caught critters to see which animals are found in the creek. The key isn’t necessarily HOW MANY animals they find; it’s what TYPE of animals they find. Some are more hearty than others. The more creatures that are less hearty is an indicator that the water is clean. Reed Creek is a fairly healthy creek according to our finds. Although, there was a good bit of erosion where we were investigating.Reed Creek

I find that there are a few topics that continuously come up in conversation with Joy.

1) She wants to be in or have her own tv show one day. It will be science/investigation or animal related.

2) She wants to make money because there are things she wants to buy. Often, those things are science/investigation related (like the almost $200.00 metal detector she just bought with money she saved for over a year)

3) She wants to make web pages and create videos and movies.

Getting a closer look

To watch her at a club meeting, you would never expect these things are running through her brain. I watch her. She’s often off to the side, exploring in some area that others aren’t. She’s a step ahead … or behind …. or beside others. She’s looking for what others don’t see. Sometimes she looks disinterested. But, she’s not. She’s catching all the info at a distance AND taking in more of her own.

She’s generally very quiet at meetings or group gatherings. But, when we get into the car, she spills. She begins to ask questions and share what she’s seen and heard. It’s very exciting.

Mark my words: One day she’ll be known in some circles (whether big or small is yet to be told) as
a creator/inventor/producer/scientist. You heard it here first.

For now, we’ll be spending our Tuesdays at Reed Creek learning about our world and the beautiful plants and animals that God placed here for us to care for and admire.


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