Sweet Gift

Gathered around the dining table Monday night, I gently opened my gifts, one by one. I savor presents because they are few and far between. I cherish them because my family is careful to buy gifts that are well thought out. I enjoy them because they are given to me as a gift and I don’t have to feel selfish or guilty for having them – on the contrary: to deny them would be to hurt the giver.  So, I’m able to freely accept them and quickly embrace whatever is inside the careful wrapping.

A gift of cursive and chocolate

My little gift from Joy was the one that left me sniveling.  She gave me a homemade coupon book with free dish-washing, dog-washing and car-washing. She gave me a handmade, pop-up card inside a cute little tin box. She gave me a magazine subscription that I’ve been wanting for quite a while. But, the most precious gift of all was the one that I opened first.

She wrote me a poem
in cursive
and it was beautiful.
Spotlight on henna & sweetness

It has only been a few weeks ago since that terrible Thursday night that she spent in tears trying to finish her writing assignment for co-op the next day. From 8:00 until 8:25 she cried. She wailed. She buried her head in her pillow and cried like Angelina Ballerina flung across her bed. She only stopped at 8:25 because she has to be in bed by 8:30 or she’s disciplined. That was a long, dramatic intense twenty-five minutes.

As she wailed, we heard sobs and moans laced with statements like, “I have the worst writing in the world.” The neighbors may have even heard her.Joy and I

But, Monday night, she chose to carefully write prose in cursive writing with a pen on a crisp sheet of white as a gift for me. The fact that she chose a pen as her instrument of execution just goes to show how much she’s grown. She could have chosen a pencil, in case she needed to erase. But, she chose a pen.

It was truly a beautiful gift.

Have you received any special gifts lately?


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