Ask and ye shall receive

Winter before last, we cut the thermostat way down and used the fireplace to heat the house. We have a blower on the fireplace, so it did a pretty good job of keeping us warm. In fact, the first year, we only turned on the heat two or three times.  Last year, we used the gas more than that, but not much.

One morning back a few weeks ago, it was mentioned in passing – that  we need to begin scouting out some wood.  We don’t want to wait until a cold snap to go out and find it.

That same afternoon ….  this happened.

We heard the wood begin to split as the limb  removed itself from the tree.  We heard the crack followed by the rustle of leaves as that large arm began its descent to the ground.  

This past week, a friend had two trees removed from his yard.  He called  James for some back up brawn.  James went over with pick up truck and chainsaw to offer assistance. The friend sent James home with a truck load of wood as a thank you.


We will still need more wood to carry us through the winter, but this is a very good start.  We now have wood that fell in our own front yard and some extra that was offered from a friend. 

I’m always amazed at how God provides.  I love that He hears me and speaks to me.  We laughed the other afternoon when the limb fell in our front yard.  Only a few hours had transpired between the mention of a need and its provision.  Had we not remembered that earlier in the day there was a mention of a need, we might not have seen that limb as a provision.  We could have seen it as a problem … simply one more mess to clean up. But we remembered.

I wonder how often I miss seeing the blessings I’m given because I don’t recognize them as such.  Does a gift have to be wrapped in shiny paper, adorned with ribbons and topped with a bow and gift card for me to recognize it as such?  My day is full of interruption.  Do I stop look for the blessings? Do I look for the gift card on the inconveniences of my day so that I can find the blessing within? Not often enough. But He’s teaching me.  Thank you, Lord.


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