Back to School

Fall has truly begun – even here in the south. We are starting to see yellow, gold and rusty red in our trees. This pretty little leaf scooted about the sidewalk as I made my rounds last week to finalize registration at Augusta Tech.

I wasn’t sure if I would be able to register.  Though they had my transcript from Andrew College (I graduated with an AA in ’83) and I was told that everything was set, after standing in line for an hour and a half on Tuesday, I found that I didn’t have everything needed to register. I really hate to admit this part, but …… the only math I had in college wasn’t of a high enough grade to transfer.  Yes. I made a D.    So, I had to test to be able to be accepted at Augusta Tech.

I was a nervous wreck. If I made a D in college – 25 years ago – you’d assume that I wouldn’t do very well on a test.  You would assume properly.

I paid very close attention to each question.  I tried to figure each one out slowly. I didn’t have a time limit – but I just couldn’t figure out some of them. I was two points under what I needed to be able to skip remedial Algebra.

Fine. Since I was paying my own way, they allowed me to register as a special student.  I will have to take the remedial algebra OR retest before next quarter begins.  I feel confident that I can do some brush up work at home and do well enough to avoid that extra class.  But, I will certainly have to get busy soon because the quarters are only eight weeks long! Yikes.

I’m really excited about the class I’m taking.  Intro to Web Design is the class.  We will cover some PhotoShop and Illustrator information.  I plan to learn as much as I can!

The biggest struggle with the class will definitely be juggling home life and home schooling while keeping up with college. Class only meets three times a week.  Had the class been a morning class, I don’t think I could have done it.  But, it’s a 2:15 to 4:35 class. If there could be a “perfect time,” this would be it.

My class only has five students.  Three are young, but one student is my age or older.  I’m excited that the class is small.  There will be no excuse for not really learning the material.


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