Makes Me Happy Monday: Rocks

This pretty little leaf plate is only one of the spaces in our home that we’ve filled with rocks.

Almost all of these rocks were found on a dirt road that was near our home on the Marine Corps Logistics Base in Albany, Ga. Every evening, we would walk Dulcie the Wonder Dog down that dirt path so that she could get some exercise. Her walk was such a cherished part of our day. At the end of the road, there was a grand, green opening with a huge fig tree and an even larger pear tree. There were blackberry brambles scattered here and there, as well. From April or May through the end of the late summer, there was always a treat waiting for us at the end of the road. While Dulcie ran in big circles and looked for deer that may have passed through recently, we dined on fresh fruit and enjoyed the quiet that we shared.

We found round, smooth stones all up and down that short track of road. Some were perfectly balanced, smooth without blemish. While we picked up many of those pretty little stones, only the smoothest made it to our leaf bowl.

And so this little bowl is moved from spot to spot. It graces our coffee table during the colder months when we don’t spend as much time outside. During the spring and summer, it sits on our picnic table as a reminder of those special walks .

We have several other bowls throughout the house that hold rocks from different places. There are pieces of flint and chert rock. There are pretty pieces of granite and marble. We’ve come across a few crystals and even have an unbroken geode.

These rocks make me happy because they take me back to a special family time of walks, laughter and fresh fruit. But, rocks of all sorts make me happy. I love to find them and sort them. I love to display them and research them. I enjoy looking at them and touching them. I’m not sure why they make me happy, but they do.

So, what are your “collectibles?”

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