Retro Purse

I picked up a purse at a yard sale about two years ago.  It had some cute little cartoon pictures on it.  I liked the shape more than anything and thought it would make a great base for a retro decoupage project.

I requested magazines from Freecycle back about a year ago.  I was given three great Look magazines from 1967.  There are articles on Russia,  Kennedy,  and  Joan Taylor. Look! That’s “Candy” Bergen on the front cover.  She was 19 years old.  These magazines were fascinating to read.  It amazed me at how FULL the magazines were of beer, liquor and cigarette ads.

I prepared the purse with some black paint.  I cut out ads from throughout the magazines and then simply glued the ads onto the purse.  I think my favorite side is the dish soap aisle.  How fun is this?

I love how God shows us how small the world really is.  I go to a Sewing Bee once a month.  But, I don’t always “sew.”  This month, I chose to work on cutting out magazine images for this purse project.

There are four or five other women who come to this monthly event. Upon seeing my purse, one of them said, “I used to have a purse like that.”  I commented that I had bought this one at a yard sale.  She said, “I sold mine at a yard sale.”  After closer investigation, we realized that this purse had been her purse.  I had purchased  it about two years ago and held onto it, waiting for the chance to transform it with this project…. and now, across the room from me, was the previous owner of my purse.  Neither of us knew each other prior to meeting at these sewing bees. It truly is a small, small world.

So, do you have a transformation you could share with us? How about a “small world” story?

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