18 year old comedy

My son is so freakin’ funny. When he’s out socializing with the family (which isn’t often – it’s SO much work), I stay in stitches. He’s your typical teen. He doesn’t think he’s handsome (but he IS just too, too cute) or smart (but he’s such a thinker) …. or funny (what is he thinking?) But, I’m always laughing.

A friend was chomping gum recently (which is funny in and of itself because he HATES it when others smack their gum, but he was loud and busy) when he accidentally bit his tongue…. hard. His tongue was bleeding and he had a huge hole in the side of his tongue. Mr. Compassion, James, says, “Grab an earring before it heals up.”

Sometimes his comedy is cheesy.  At dinner the other night, he put a piece of corn on the dog’s back and said, “Look! Dulcie’s a corn dog….. get it….. CORN dog.”  yeah.

Most of the time he truly brings forth belly laughs.

Here are the wind chimes on the porch.

I have wanted a set of wind chimes for years. I didn’t want any of those tinkly little ding-a-ling wind chimes. I wanted some that made a rich, bellowing sound with the movement of the wind. Last year sometime, I found a set that I liked and could afford. I bought them and have thoroughly enjoyed them since.

James knows this.

But, one day weeks ago, he came inside – with a perfectly straight face – and said, “Hey, Mom. Ya know those pipes that are strung up out there on the deck? I tied them up for you so they wouldn’t make that irritating sound any more.” And he walked off.

Some days I laugh so hard my belly muscles ache. I don’t expect to have more than a few years of him at home. I’m really going to miss him when he’s gone.

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