Keeping it in perspective

I wanted to share some wonderful insightful words from one of my special friends.

My friend, Heather Ristau,  has a heart for living a God-filled, Spirit-directed life. She is an incredible, patient Mommy to three rough and tumble boys and a new baby girl. She is a talented speaker, an incredible photographer and a compassionate friend. And she has a story to tell. I love her heart. And I’d love for you to read a bit of her writing.

Here are words she wrote that touched me. 

do you ever read other people’s blogs and go away with a jealous feeling, or the sense of not being “good enough”? i know i do. i have several really incredible “mommy blogs” that i follow and while i can’t help but read them every. single. day., i often leave with a heavy heart that is awash with feelings of being entertained, inspired, envious, and even a bit anxious.. wondering why i can’t manage to “be that fun, do all those creative things, keep my house that clean, write as well as they do, enjoy my kids as much, laugh with my husband more, homeschool my kids like they do, take my boys to soccer, cook better meals, be a better friend, decorate better, budget better….” the list goes on… and on…. and on….. i love blogs. i love blogging. i love the outlet to capture those everyday things that previously faded in our memories as the calendar pages flipped by…i love staying connected with the inner thoughts of friends that we might never get around to chatting about because they were… well, “inner thoughts”. i love pictures, and recipes, and ideas, and all of it… but the dark side to blogging is that you never get the full picture. as the writer i can hide anything i want from you… like the stuff under my bed that you never see when you come in my room and it looks put together. even when i share the difficult parts of life, i can censor myself, and decide what facets i want the light to catch. all of us do it. we do it in real life, and we do it in the blogging realm. it’s hard to remember when i’m reading about the fabulous mommy, although she baked cookies with her girls, worked out this morning and cooked a new and fabulous meal, found a powerful new revelation in scripture, managed to bake bread for her neighbor, scrapbooked three years of her son’s life… that may have also had a fight with her husband, bounced a check, and had an anxiety attack. reading blogs takes tough skin. it takes perspective. i have to continually remind myself of this…. i guess the reality is that we’re all doing the best we can… our lives often look very different than the way we had “planned” and we have to do what works best for our families and their personalities… projecting the blueprint of someone else’s life onto the foundation of my family is senseless. i just needed to be reminded of that today.
Feel free to click over to Honesty Becomes Her to read more.

One thought on “Keeping it in perspective

  1. you humble me.

    thank you.

    i adore your mommy blog. your projects, and excitiment and fun. your energy, your patience, your perspective, and your creativity.

    thank you for your sweet words.

    the tears are flowing… where are you when i need a hug!? 🙂
    love you


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