WALL-E Spoiler

We had such a nice day yesterday. The temperature is dropping, we had a morning of wonderful sprinkles and I got to do some yard saling. I did my grocery shopping Friday afternoon so our fridge is full of food and the menu is written on the menu board. So, we spent the afternoon as a family (less Glory … there always seems to be someone missing lately) watching a movie. I rarely go to movies, but James convinced me to tag along. He assured me that even some of his friends who are girls said the movie was good. Somehow I fell for this.

So, we get to the movie and settle in to watch forty-five fifteen minutes of trailers. We watch the silly rabbit/magician short movie (what is that, anyway? I kept thinkin’, “I thought this movie was about a robot. How are they going to tie this in?”) and then WALL-E starts.

I’m going to be honest, here. The movie was cute. I always enjoy PIXAR animation. (I sit there asking myself more questions: “Wow! How do they do that?”) It had some great underlying message …  namely,  if you sit still too long, you get really, really, really fat and can’t walk AND trash CAN take over the world. These are great points for kids to grasp.

But, there was a real shocker for me in the movie and, being a trusted friend as I am, I don’t want you to go into the movie blind so I have an important spoiler for you: there is a roach in the movie. Not just a roach (I literally shuddered as I typed that word), but a roach with a major role. Wall-E was the leading star, Eve was the co-star and his heart-throb. Then there was the roach. He was the co-co-star. He was WALL-E’s best friend. He made a little clickity-clickity sound as he skittered (is that a word?) all over the screen….. up and down, around, through and across. He was up and down WALL-E’s body, and he even crawled on Eve once …. and she didn’t even scream, she giggled!!! jeez.

Ya know, I don’t jump on tables when I see a roach. I don’t scream. I’m not hating on roaches. I live in the heart of the south, for goodness sake. Palmetto Bugs, as we call them, are a fact of life. They live in the trees all around our home. Upon occasion, they make their way into our home, especially when it rains, or when the weather changes from cold to hot or from hot to cold. I don’t know, maybe they’re not very flexible. Whatever the reason, they come inside. And I don’t make a huge scene. I’m really a bug lover. Read around the blog. We’re bug-happy. We pick up and investigate everything that flies, flutters, crawls or hops. But, honestly, roaches make my skin crawl.

So, imagine my creeped out surprise when I first see this roach come into the picture – you know, the one that is two stories tall and three wide which created a cockroach that was three feet long. yikes.

Here! Watch for yourself. He’s animated. They tried to make him cute. But, people, he’s still a roach.

I made it through the movie. It was endearing …. even with the creepy critter. But, I felt I had an obligation to let you know that this movie has an aspect that may be disturbing to some.

Let me ask: Have any of you already seen the movie? Were you shocked surprised? Wasn’t it just a smidgen willy-nilly for you? Just wonderin’.

One thought on “WALL-E Spoiler

  1. hahahahahahaha! that was awesome! i too saw it. i thought it was cute too. the roach… well. i WILL say it. I HATE roaches. give me spiders, beetles, bees, but keep the roaches away. i thought it was a bit odd too that he was the friend. but, also funny that after everything else had died- plant life and all- that they made the point that he lived- even getting smashed. pretty funny!


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