Another Lock of Love

It happened. She got that itch. When it comes, it lingers until it is scratched. And so we cut.

This was Glory’s third “big” cut. She cut her hair about three years ago and said she’d wait until her senior year to cut her hair again. And she did. In some ways, it’s hard to cut her hair because it’s so very beautiful long. She wears it well and is quite stunning.

But, she was ready for a change. So, I donned the scissors and cut it all off. She loves it even more this time than she did last time. And she trusted me to do the cutting this time! I’ve always trimmed her hair, but when she did the major cut last time, she wanted to go to a salon. If I remember right, I made her pay for it because I knew I could cut it just as well. That was the only time she’s had her hair cut in a salon. I could have done the cut just as well as it was done there. And she realized it later. So, this time, she let me cut it.

She still has a little bit of bang on the front. Since her hair is very thick, it’s stacked really well on the back. The cut is really cute on her. I’m glad that she likes it.

And I’m thankful for her gracious spirit that wants to offer her ponytail of cut hair to Locks of Love.
It’s a win-win situation!!


One thought on “Another Lock of Love

  1. your kids are stunning. all three of them. really. wow.
    her hair looks fab. can you come cut mine? i just need a good trim, but hate paying for it! 🙂
    plus, i’d just love to see you.

    so, come on down. bring your scissors, bring the sticky buns, bring your camera and we’ll make a day of it. mm-k?

    love you


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