Sunrise over Augusta

Friday morning, I had the van to myself. Joy wasn’t feeling well enough to go to co-op, so I was on my own. I turned out of my neighborhood and headed down Washington Road towards Augusta National Golf Club and I-20 to be greeted by this beautiful sight.

There were just enough clouds to carry the gorgeous color of morning all across the sky. It looked more like a beach sunrise or sunset than anything I’ve recently seen in the city. But, it was such a beautiful sight that I grabbed my Cybershot out of purse and snapped a few shots. This one is definitely my favorite.

You know, God is so good to us. He could have created our eyes to only see in black and white, but He chose to give us the gift of sight that can see color. He could have made our mornings and our nights the same as our days with a simple change of blue sky to a dark night. But he didn’t. He chose to give us an exciting new sunrise and sunset each day. Of course, some are more beautiful than others….. like all of our days. And sometimes we’re too busy to catch a glimpse of the beauty. Then there is the fact that perspective plays a large role in what we see. The sunrise at a beach is so intense and stunning. Maybe that’s because we’re not distracted by all the things that distract us at home or in the city – the physical things and the emotional.

I’m so thankful that I was given the gift of the ability to see color. And I’m thankful that, on this particular morning, God painted the sky with color so intense, so far and so wide that even I couldn’t miss it. Lord, thank you.


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