Pet Indicators

If I couldn’t walk outside into the chilly air and I couldn’t feel the cold upon my own skin, all I would need to do is glance around our home and I would be able to see that autumn has settled in.

Dulcie now remains covered up by her blanket all night long.  We pulled out her blanket about ten days ago.  Her excitement was obvious as she danced around my feet waiting to settle down and snuggle up for the night. We generally find her in the same spot each morning that we left her in the night before. Then there is Smudge.  Can he pull himself into any tighter of a ball? I doubt it.  His little paws are tucked way up under his body and he has successfully backed himself into the corner of the couch, away from draft and circulating cooler air. (Being feline, he refuses to enjoy a snuggle blanket)

I’m so thankful for our pets. They give us reason to be excited about coming home.
They are always happy to see us.
They are grateful for the smallest gestures of attention or gift of treat or food.

I adore our pets
and I love the way that, just like the seasons
and all of living creation,
there is an ebb and flow to their actions.
If we pay attention,
they tell us their needs and desires
and, of course, show us their love.


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