My Investigator

She amazes me.  She sees what others don’t.

She finds what others pass by. She looks. But she sees.

She searches. She digs. She uncovers. She hunts. She probes. She pursues.  She plunders. She investigates…. and she finds.

Joy spent another afternoon recently at Reed Creek Park. Part of each meeting is an exploratory walk. The children walk along the path looking for insect or critter that might not have been spotted on the last walk.  They are looking for the familiar and the unexpected.  They may spot birds that are migrating through, anoles that are sunning, caterpillar, chrysalis or butterfly…. and evidence of lives lost.

On an earlier walk, many weeks ago, this beautiful pineapple spider was spotted. She’s a fairly common find in our area.  All she needs is even the slightest bit of a wooded area and a space large enough to spin her large, orb web. She’s not a threat. She’s not dangerous.  She’s actually quite majestic and beautiful.

Several weeks after this photo was taken, Laura saw that she was missing.  During her walk with the children, Laura explained that the spider was gone – probably plucked from her own web by a hungry predator. As Laura spoke, A Joy searched the limbs and branches that once anchored the web for that beautiful spider.  She was the one to spot the death of the spider.  That beautiful spider had not lost her life, but instead had given it.

Neatly tucked inside a pocket of carefully woven leaves was the spider’s egg sack…. almost the size of a ping pong ball.  It is hidden, but not unseen by the eyes that are ever searching.

So, we look forward to spring in anticipation of finding new life in a new web that may stretch from branch to limb. And we’ll know the offspring, because we knew the mother. And we’ll know know to watch for new life because eyes from a different perspective …. eyes that search and find …. spotted that which was unseen to others.

Like Jesus spoke in parables, paralleling the spiritual and physical worlds, God convicts, teaches and shows me His love through daily activities or His creation.  I love to share those stories.


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