From A Child’s Perspective

In conversation with the director of Reed Creek Interpretive Center, Laura pointed out that we need to “see with little eyes” in order to see critters and creatures that an adult will miss.  In other words, seeing with eyes that have a  different perspective – the eyes and perspective of a child.

That made me think about the verse in scripture where Jesus rebuked the disciples for forbidding the children to come to Him.  Jesus wants us to be like little children when we come before Him.

Like Jesus spoke in parables, paralleling the spiritual and physical worlds, God convicts, teaches and shows me His love through daily activities or His creation.  I love to share those stories.

(insert defensive voice) WAIT A MINUTE!  I do that.   I often act like a little child while around my Lord!

I am easily distracted. I interrupt. I am under His feet, but often unaware that He is busy doing something important. I don’t listen to His wise words. I don’t watch His intentional actions. I can’t possibly truly understand His greatness or holiness.  I’m often disrespectful.  I don’t understand His importance in my life. I ignore His direction towards me. I am sassy and careless with my words. I’d rather play with some insignificant toy than offers little value than join Him in some important task that would teach me a valuable skill. I shun pain. I would prefer to play in the shifting sand than stand on the solid ground where I am safe.  I run from fire.

These probably aren’t the child-like traits that He’s looking for. Ya think?

But He loves me and continues to stand beside me and wait for me anyway. In fact, I feel certain that I am somewhat entertaining, because I am prone to run – not walk – in circles or darkness rather than walking confidently down the narrow but well-lit path that He illuminates for me.

Daily life keeps me busy. Laundry, school, groceries, meals, bills, commitments, appointments…. cleaning, crafting, creating, blogging, training children, talking, e-mail, mending, repairing…. I’m so busy living life that I don’t make time for that which is most important: my Lord and His Word. My Bible sits quietly. My Lord is a gentleman. My heart desires, but my priorities aren’t fleshed out in my day to day world.

Don’t get me wrong. In my best defense, I do pray all day.  I think about the Lord and what He would do and say and how He would ask. I literally talk to Him off and on all day.

But really, that’s just my pitiful attempt to defend myself.

So, I recently came across this video.  I’d love to do the female version of this video.  It could be so painful …. funny ….. easy to create. really. Watch the video once. Then watch it again and insert yourself and your female roles into this male character’s role in the conversation.

Are there things in my life that I should pare down so that it has less fluff and more content?  Surely. I think it is a constant, changing picture. Each week or month is different from the last.  I have dropped many responsibilities so that my life has been whittled down to the current essentials… but there is still a gap.  There is a gap between what is required and what I fulfill. Only He can fill that gap.  Only I can make the choice that puts Him into that gap.

I yearn to be the child that I am called to be.
One that is fascinated by His holiness.
One that sits at His feet focused on His stories.
One that never lets Him out of my sight.
One that does what He does because I want to be like Him.
One that knows His voice so well that I can detect inflection and emphasis.
One that is respectful because I can see His greatness.
One that prefers to hold His hand than play somewhere over there.
One that walks the path He has lit for me because I am so close to Him that my view IS His view.
One that isn’t afraid of the fire or of pain.
One that has complete confidence that He will keep me safe no matter what.

I yearn to be as a child.

Help me, Lord.


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