Perpetual Birthday & Anniversary Calendar

Works for Me WednesdayLast week, I shared my family calendar on Works for Me Wednesday over at Shannon’s blog:  Rocks in My Dryer.  This week, I thought it only appropriate to share another organization tool that we also find very valuable: The Perpetual Birthday Calendar.

Rather than try to remember every birthday and anniversary that rolls around year after year, I created a perpetual birthday calendar.

I made a sheet for each month of the year with my word processor. I decorated each in a festive manner, just for fun. Then I put all twelve sheets into sheet protectors and filed them in a binder.

October's Birthdays and anniversariesI transferred all the birthday and anniversary notes that were stashed and scribbled in different spots throughout my home and desk. Though these dates don’t change from year to year, I always write in pencil.  It’s a calendar habit, I guess.  I put the year of the remembrance in parenthesis beside the person’s name.

I have birthdays and anniversaries for family and friends, but I also write down the day someone died.  I love to be able to send a special note to some friend on the anniversary of the death of their loved one.  They are thinking of this person anyway, so it helps them know that that special person isn’t forgotten.

When I set up my family planning calendar for the next year, I pull out my Perpetual Calendar and transfer all of the dates that I want to remember into my new annual calendar.  October's Header

I know people who prepare all of their cards and notes at the first of the month.  I have a tendency to make and send out a card a few days before the actual event.  I might be organized, but I’m not terribly timely.  Sometimes I’m doing good to get out an e-card… but at least I don’t have to kick myself for FORGETTING a birthday.

I have to add that this is a simple thing to create.  It takes very little time and can be as simple or as personalized as you would like.  It makes a very easy gift to create and only costs as much as a binder and 6 (or 12) sheet protectors.  You could easily “mass produce” a number of these as gifts for friends.  They don’t take a great deal of time to make, but they are such a blessing to the recipient.

I can honestly say that I never truly forget a birthday any more, thanks to my Perpetual Birthday Calendar. It Works For Me!


One thought on “Perpetual Birthday & Anniversary Calendar

  1. 20090827.1645
    I have another way of not only r
    emembering birthdays (coded B)but also other occasions, like wedding anniversaries (W), death anniversaries (D), etc. I just write these down in ordinary notebooks and put them in ring binders. I also have notebooks of addresses (mail and email, including telephone numbers) of people which for now may be better be on the computer to sort and printed from time to time. It has worked for me for years now. Would you like to know how I do it?

    How about including in your organizer what I have uploaded on wordpress – the perpetual calendar which will give you the day of the week of any date between 1801 and 2100. For example, on which day were you born?


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