Turn of events

No Wind! I spent a good hour on the phone with my sweet friend Heather this morning.  This is a rarity.  I just don’t spend much time on the phone.  With four little ones, she doesn’t spend endless hours talking on the phone either.

But we talked this morning.  And before we hung up, we prayed for each other.  She asked God to please give us a surprise of some sort…. she asked for God to allow us to go to the beach and be surrounded by warmth without wind … even if it was just around us.

We were planning to go to the beach, though not knowing what to expect. The weather has been quite windy and chilly.   We ate lunch and I glanced out the window to see the yellow “caution” flag on the beach was not waving!!!  This is the first time on the trip that I’ve looked down to see the flag hanging by the pole.  Excitement rose up within us.  We quickly got ready and headed down to the beach.

While there wasn’t much wind, it was still chilly.

The more I thought about the kayak situation, the more I became determined to find one.  If the kayak shop over on the marina was closed, maybe there was a kayak tucked under a walkway over here on the oceanside.  Then I spotted a few!!

Kayaking with JoyTurns out that there were still a few we could use.  We were given free reign for the afternoon, if we wanted it.  Joy and I took off.

The hardest part of the trip was deciding which to leave behind: cell phone or camera.  I decided the camera costs more and can’t be used to call for help if we find we’re closer to Texas than the Florida shoreline.

I have to tell you, as we paddled, I heard all the things Joy has learned in science about sharks and how NOT to get attacked.  Among other things, you aren’t supposed to be in the water if you’re bleeding.  “We’re not bleeding, dear.”  And we’re supposed to stay out of murky water.  Uhm.  The water couldn’t be MORE clear. We shouldn’t be in the water near dusk.  It was just after noon.  I don’t know that I was able to calm her as rebuffed all of her fear-filled facts, but she did become more comfortable as the time went on. In fact, I think she actually had fun.

In the end, our fannies got pretty wet, but we had a great time.  We saw a huge school of fish!  We made our way over it and then paddled back around just so that we could paddle back across it.   We watched for dolphins, sharks or rays, but didn’t spot any.  Maybe tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be even warmer.  Maybe the wind will again be calm.

So, I just wanted to thank Heather for praying and God for answering her prayer.  He definitely gave us a surprise.  We had given up hope and He gave us one of the desires of our hearts – to be able to spend some time kayaking!


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