Underwater beauty

Water lilyI had a great time watching Joy swim.  It’s been months now since she’s been in a pool.  It was nice to see her strong, streamlined stroke emerge from slumber. Swim team taught her well.  She said it was good to be back in the water again.

We found ourselves at the Hilton indoor pool several times.  Our hotel didn’t have an indoor pool, but a nearby conference center hotel had one that we were allowed to visit.

Water baby

As the sun would go down, the lights would come on under the water.  I remember loving swimming after dark as a child.  Evidently, this isn’t out of the ordinary.  Joy enjoyed it as well.

During the summer, our neighborhood pool closes at nine o’clock, which is also about the time the sun goes down.  So, summertime swimming rarely involves darkness or underwater lights.  That made swimming on this trip all the more exciting.
Last but not least - an Esther Williams shot


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