Sun Therapy

Toes in the sand

This break at the beach has been so welcome as we venture into the still of the winter.  At home, James and Dulcie have experienced temps in the 20’s. While our days have been cool, they haven’t been so cold that we couldn’t wear shorts.  (Although, the “day after” report said that the high was only 56 on the afternoon that we spent kayaking … in a sea kayak with a puddle of sea water under our fannies and waves lapping over the sides of the boat. Had I only known, I might not have been so brave … in my nike flip flops and my shorts!)

Joy & I on the beach

It’s been so nice to wear shorts and walk along the beach.  While Joy has romped in the edge of the water, I’ve laid on the cool, crunchy sand with my head back and my arms spread, soaking up the rays.  The sun, somehow, is salve for my soul.  I feel warm inside when I face the sun.  I feel supple when I am outside and basking.  I feel flexible after an afternoon of exposure. I know that TOO MUCH sun is detrimental, but SOME SUN is helpful.  I know I’m not the only one, but as we roll into winter, settle there for a few still months and then roll out the other side, I miss the warm massage of the rays from the sky. This trip has been such a treat.


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