Makes Me Happy Monday : Mosaics

Mosaic tile at Baytowne Wharf fountainThere is something so very interesting to me about mosaics.  They are intricate and interesting.  Whether it is a mosaic of tile, glass or stone, I am drawn in.

A mosaic demands to be investigated.  It requires more than a second look.  It asks to be researched and  discovered. It’s parts beg to be discovered for it is often simply seen for its whole. Every piece of the work is different.  It may face in a different direction, catch the light differently or be a different color than all of the other pieces in the work.Like Jesus spoke in parables, paralleling the spiritual and physical worlds, God convicts, teaches and shows me His love through daily activities or His creation. I love to share those stories.

A mosaic is a lot like life.  Life is a large picture that is created by thousands of smaller parts.  We are all smaller parts of a whole.  We can be viewed by many people, but our part in the image may look completely different to each person.  To one, I appear lack luster: to another, I appear shiny. To one, you appear stone: to another, you appear laminate.  To one, she appears small: to another, she appears larger than life itself. The angle at which we are viewed, the time of day… even the weather, all change the image.  It changes from one moment to the next.  It changes, as new parts are added. It changes when it is distorted by rage, anger or hurt. It changes when it is loved, polished and protected. Without fail, it ages with the passage of time.

Mosaics, like life, are intricate, interesting and demanding of our attention.

Mosaics make me happy.
What makes you happy this marvelous Monday morning?


One thought on “Makes Me Happy Monday : Mosaics

  1. I guess I’m over 2 years late to be commenting on this… but I like mosaics too =] They’re so pretty and intricate and very fun to make. I like how you wrote about them fairly poetically and it made me smile. Thanks!


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