Rednecks are Everywhere?

We’re heading home. We have picked up Glory from Nina’s house in Albany. She’s spent the week there enjoying laughter and reconnecting.

Glory's behind the wheel

Is this a southern thang?

Joy, Glory and I left fifteen days ago.  I’ve slept on an air mattress, several different beds, a carpeted floor inside a sleeping bag and a king size bed with a broken frame.  As soon as we get things unloaded, I’m changing my sheets on my bed in preparation for bedtime.  I can’t wait to sleep in my own bed.

So, we’re on the road and we just saw this bumper sticker!  Can you read it?   says: POSSUM:  THE other WHITE MEAT. Does the pork commission know that they’re promoting possum in this way?

Is this a southern thing?  I’ve not traveled much outside the southern states, so I don’t really know.  Is this a bumper sticker you might come across in California? Or Illinois?  How about South Dakota?  I’m just wondering.

Is McD's serving possum?

We made a stop at McD’s within thirty minutes of seeing the bumper sticker.  Glory was just wondering if this means that McD’s now sells possum nuggets?  Hahaha

So, where do you live?  Do you see redneck bumper stickers?
I’ve heard that there are rednecks everywhere.


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