Makes Me Happy Monday : Tractors

Hwy 300 has tractorsI feel certain that I’ve seen signs like this all my life, but it wasn’t until I moved away from the country into the suburbs that I noticed them.

This sign is just outside Albany, Georgia.  It’s on a fairly large highway (four lanes separated by a median) just off Interstate 75.  I first noticed it when I went home last February.  I wanted to take a picture then, but decided I didn’t want to do the U-turn and make the two or three mile circle required to get back to the sign.  I was ready on this trip.  I had the family keep their eyes open so that we could stop and I could snap a shot.

I still remember when we first moved to Cairo, Georgia, about fifteen years ago.  I found myself sitting at the red-light in the center of downtown Cairo.  I looked to my right to see a John Deere tractor sitting beside me at the light, as if tractors and minivans should naturally be found sharing a downtown crossroad.  To my left was a huge trailer absolutely full of pigs being pulled behind a pick up truck. I had to laugh out loud.  This wasn’t a scene I was accustomed to seeing.  But, I remember it vividly.

And this is just the scene that I miss. I miss the wave of a hand from every pick up truck that I pass on the road – IF I am also in a pick up truck (grocery-hauling brown minivans are not privy to such friendliness).  I miss finding myself behind a tractor that has plow parts that  would extend off the right and the left of the road if they were dropped down into position. I miss the slower pace that I am caused to take when I’m driving the back roads of Georgia. I miss the country.

Yes, the country roads, tractors and a slower pace make me happy.
What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morning?


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