Dr. Seuss and Friends

Glory behind the wheelGlory and I had such a nice Saturday.  It was a whirlwind of a visit to Atlanta, but so fun.

We left early in the morning, with Glory at the wheel all the way.  She DID NOT want to learn to drive our stick shift truck, but months ago, I made her get behind the wheel.  After learning, now the truck is her preferred mode of transportation.  The fact that our other car is a “brown grocery hauler” (her words),   probably has a little to do with her preference.  None-the-less, she’s a great driver.

In fact, throughout the day Saturday, she drove around Atlanta.  She dropped me off with my friends and she went off with Ashley. Ashley had to be at the auditorium by four o’clock,  so Glory had to navigate her way back to the house.  She did well and didn’t get lost.  I’m proud of her.  I would have never been allowed to drive in Atlanta when I was seventeen – and for GOOD REASON!  I get lost going to the mailbox and I wasn’t accustomed to traffic at that age.  Augusta has been a good training ground for Glory.  Karen, Mary Ann & Karen

My friend, Mary Ann, flew in from Tampa to surprise Karen and Ashley.  Karen was so excited that we were in town.  I was thankful that we were able to be there for all of the festivities.

The three of us stayed at the Marriott near Peachtree Parkway NE. It was SO nice just to talk to them!!!   It didn’t take us long after getting out of the truck to realize that the hotel was a swimming with blue and orange.  We soon found out that we were  staying at the same hotel occupied by the entire marching band, drum line members and cheerleading squad from University of Florida, plus hundreds of adoring fans.  Yes, the Gators won the SEC championship.  Yes, they were happy.  Yes, they were loud.  But we made it through the night.

Glory and The Cat

Ashley was an outstanding Cat.  She has energy overflowing. Oh to be seventeen and not remain winded after two hours of energetic movement!!   I posted a second video on my youtube account from the production.  It is actually a live clip from the play.   You can watch it here, if you’d like.

I miss my friends.  I wish I spent more time with them. After my trip to Albany that allowed me to spend four wonderful days with Nina, and her sweet Mommy and then a wonderful visit with my dear friend, Heather, I’ve realized that I focus SO intently on my own family and my home that I don’t MAKE time for friendships.  It makes me sad.  This needs to change.

But, how do we balance everything?
It’s an organic mix of ever changing priorities.

I’m glad we made time to spend the weekend in Atlanta. I had the double blessing of seeing two old room mates AND spending time with my daughter and one of her favorite people. Such a treat!


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