Feline Fetish

SpiceI don’t know what I was thinking.  I let Joy talk me into bringing this kitty home.

Joy has been asking for a kitten of “her own” for probably about a year.  I have been against it from the beginning.  We have a cat.  She seems to get a stuffy head when she sleeps with a cat, which is what she wants to do if she gets her own.

We let Joy buy fish with her birthday money a year ago.  When I would put her to bed at night, I would ask if she had fed her fish.  Oftentimes, she had not.  So, we fed them then.  Her dad went through a spell where he put Joy to bed.  After about ten days of his doing the bedtime routine, her fish died.  I realized it was because he didn’t ask if her fish had been fed.  Her fish starved to death.
Kitten meets Dulcie

But, she’s praying. She’s praying for a kitten.

We have had several kittens put in front of us over the last month.
I keep asking, “Lord, it doesn’t matter what I want.  Is this what you want?

So, we brought this kitten home from co-op. She was outside the church and in need of a home.  She has a little cold – but she’s female and calico which are the two preferences I had if we brought in a second cat.

She is looking for a place to pee, but doesn’t recognize the litter box as an option.  So far, she’s peed and pooped on Joy’s clean laundry on her floor.  She’s jumped on the dining table. As I write, she’s sharpening her claws on the couch.  Smudge has never done that.
I’m already viewing this as a rescue.  We’ll keep her until we find someone who wants her.  I can’t have a cat who defecates on clothing, walks on tables and tears up furniture.Spice

But, for what it’s worth: she’s cute.


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