Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

Today is my parent’s 49th wedding anniversary.  Ironically, they will celebrate their 50th during the same year that my dear husband and I celebrate our 25th.  Silver and Gold: quite amazing.

Mom and Dad, on our Christmas stroll at the tow path on the Savannah River, 2010

I am so thankful for my parents.  They have a strong, happy marriage.  I’ve never once wondered if they would be together next year or in a decade.  They have had disagreements on topics, but I have never heard them fight or even argue. I’ve never heard my father speak yell at my mother.  ever. I’ve never heard my mother speak in an unkind voice to my father or say unkind things about my dad.  I’ve never seen them be impatient with each other.

They have always worked together well as a team.  They each have strengths and weaknesses and they balance and compliment each other in a beautiful way.Dub and Lee, my dad and mom

I see the way that they look at each other.
My father dearly loves my mother.
My mother dearly loves my father.

They have set a standard, in a world of deteriorating and ever-changing ideals.  I have much for which to be grateful.


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