A Dinner Date

I had the sweetest invitation tonight.  Ryan invited me to join him for dinner.  Granted, he wanted to go see Glory on her new  job.  But, ya know, he could have asked any one of his friends to join him for dinner.  Instead, he chose me.

I wasn’t nervous at all – I truly hope he wasn’t either.  We talked about spiders, laundry and spicy foods.  We talked about buying clothes, bossy little girls and sleepovers.  We talked about Glory’s bum ankle (she injured it at camp two years ago and it hasn’t been the same), how to get to the mall and his father’s first name.  We stayed and talked long after dinner was over and the dishes were cleared.  He even picked up the tab. It’s no wonder she likes him so much.  He’s just wonderful.

Glory cracks me up.  She can go to the park with two or three friends and snap sixty photos of the same girls on the monkey bars, merry-go-round and swings.  But, she has taken very, very few of Ryan in the last few months.  I asked her about this … and she couldn’t figure out why.  So, I asked if she would ask him if I could take some photos of them together.

I took a pocketful of pictures.   This is one of my favorites.

reflectionI pray that others would see a reflection of God in each of them and in their relationship is my prayer.


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