Ryan’s Christmas album

Glory cracks me up.  She can go to the park for 30 minutes with a friend or two and take sixty-four pictures … but she has very few pictures of Ryan, her boyfriend.  She wanted to give him something neat and personal for Christmas. So, I took the three of them out on a photoshoot one afternoon before Christmas.  We took a couple of rolls of real film and I took a handful of pictures with my favorite digital, my Sony Cybershot.

We created an awesome A to Z album for Ryan.  I used some of  the photos to make a slideshow.  I thought I’d share it with you …. since I thought some of the photographs turned out fantastic!  I LOVE to take photographs! <sigh>


3 thoughts on “Ryan’s Christmas album

  1. WOW! Cute couple – He’s adorable!!! Not bad picture taking either. I think you two were a little tooooo CLOOOSEEE!!! there!! NO HOLDING HANDS young lady or touching of body parts!! You are part mine!!!

    He’s a cutie!!! Love you most!! Karen


  2. Wow, Karen… those photos are really fantastic!! Hope your road trip went well and that your time with your friends was restorative. I am SOOOO eager to have you take photos of my family… You just don’t know how much I appreciate creative, interesting, well-composed photos. I’ve been shortchanging my family all these years by just getting Sears photos… Sigh.. but that is chaning 🙂 Glory and Ryan are great models and the use of nature in your shots is such a representation of your character and good eye! Woo hoo.


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