My Colorful, Festive Friend, Linda

This is my friend, Linda. She lives in Dayton, Tennessee.  She has been my friends since we lived in Valdosta, Ga which was about eight or nine years and three or four houses ago. Her son, Michael, is James’s absolutely best, best friend.

I cherish Linda Baskin’s  friendship.  We have much in common, but we’re also very different.  I’d say our biggest difference is what draws me, pulls me, lures me and almost seduces me to her :  she puts people first.  She’s truly my hero.

I open my door wide and say, “Come in, but don’t look at the dog hair on the rug.”  She opens her door and says, “Come on in!  Let’s play a board game.”

When you come into my house, I send a child to make sure that the bathroom is wiped down so you’re not offended when you need to visit.  When you visit her home, she puts in a cd, offers you a drink and tells you to sit down so she can talk to you.

When you visit my home, I really want you to be comfortable. When you visit Linda’s home, she wants you to be comfortable. The difference is I am mistaken into thinkin’ it’s the stuff in my home that makes you comfortable.  She knows that relationships are where people find their comfort.

Not only is she welcoming, she’s fun.  She is goofy through and through. She loves bright colors. To me, they are a visual representation of who she is: vivid, bright and stimulating.  She uses hilarious accents when she speaks.  She loves every genre of music.  If there is a game of frisbee, kickball or church-pew volleyball going on, she’s in!  She’s a movie quoting, board game playing, bundle of fun.

So, Linda’s home is a bustling home full of activity.  She and her husband with their four children are always coming and going to and from people activities of all kinds.  They’re always having people over or visiting with others.  We affectionately call her home Baskin Party Central.

As we put together a lunch smorgasbord from the refrigerator yesterday, she began pulling fresh veggies out of the crisper.  After slicing bell pepper, cutting celery and arranging carrots, she handed me the veggie plate to put on the table.

And it struck me:  this plate I’m holding is vegetable representation of her personality.A Platter of Vegetable Fun

There I stood holding a bright red serving plate stacked high with crispy, vivid green celery, round, red happy tomatoes, slivers of crispy bell pepper in yellow and green and yummy,crunchy, orange carrot sticks.  These colors are fun.  These foods bring you health.  They are firm and crisp and make a great sound when eaten.   They are versatile and beautiful to the eye.  It made me happy to see them and their presentation only enhanced their good qualities.

Ya see that?  That plate of fresh goodness was just like my friend Linda!

I’m thankful for friendships like Linda’s. I’m thankful that God puts people into my life that teach me to be more like Him (PEOPLE oriented). May you be so blessed that your  new year is filled with wonderful friendships to be celebrated.

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