Daily Practice

I want to be like him when I grow up.

Yes, this takes talent.  But so much more than that, it takes time, commitment and practice.

I play the guitar. But, I don’t practice.  So, really … I have knowledge OF the guitar, but I don’t play it.
I own a beautiful, expensive guitar. But, it sits idle in a closet.

So, I listen  and watch in amazement and wonder: Am I this dedicated to anything?

In thinking about my answer, I would have to answer, “Yes.”
I am dedicated to to being the best wife and mother I can be
and to loving others.

So, I dream that when people see me play,
they would see a beautifully tuned instrument
and hear beautiful music.
I want them to  know that I am committed
and that I practice daily.
I want others to hear and see
the beautiful music
of the Spirit of God
who is the music in my life.

In cleaning out recently, I came across a scrap of paper
that had scribbled notes
…. probably from a sermon
or some radio talk show.
It read:
May I live my life
in such a way
that if someone is lost,
they can follow me
and I will lead them
to Jesus.

As lofty is my goal.
I may not have talent,
but I am practicing daily.

One day, I will play my guitar.
Today, I practice creating music of a different kind.


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