What Color is Your Slipcover?

Works for Me WednesdayIf you and I were sitting on the couch sharing a cup of tea and some light, afternoon sweet treat, the book I might tell you that I enjoyed most this past year is a book about  life renovation home decoration.  It is a book written by Denny Daikeler and quite inappropriately named
What Color Is Your Slipcover? 

I’m a homeschool mom.  While many American families spend more time away from home, I spend almost all of my time in my home. It is important to me that our home is a comfortable, welcoming place – a respite from the world. If you work and your children go to school outside the home, then the need for your home to  embrace you when you walk inside may be even stronger than mine.  The time that we spend in our homes should be pleasant, uplifting and encouraging.

I have to be totally honest by telling you that I haven’t even finished this book.  I’m about half way through. Most chapters have some exercise or list of questions that helps you to dig deep – to look in places that you haven’t, for why you love what you love and do what you do.  Each chapter is so full of interesting, soul searching meat that I am taking it slowly, and really enjoying the process.

The book is not about picking out the perfect slipcover for your couch, which is why I say that it is What Color is Your Slipcover?inappropriately named.  It’s about looking within to decide what you love … what moves you … what brings you comfort and peace … and incorporating those loves into your home.

Take a peek inside the book and see what you think.  You can check it out at the library, but you’re probably going to want your own copy.


2 thoughts on “What Color is Your Slipcover?

    1. Ya know, as I looked for links, I saw this book over and over. I think I’ll check it out next time I’m at the library. Thanks, AFL!


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