My Sweet Father

Dub CasonMy sweet father has been a healthy, strong man for all of his adult life. Though in his 70’s, he continues to stay busy from sun up to sun down with a small siesta in the mid-afternoon.

But, several years ago he had some trouble with blood in his urine.  After several scopes, antibiotics and close years of monitoring, his doctor was about to release him from care.  He needed to do one final urinalysis to make sure things were fine.

They are not.

My father has bladder cancer.

He found out about a month before a scheduled cruise to the Panama Canal in November.  The trip had been planned for months and included several other couples.  He and mom kept their plans and they went on the trip.  He was scheduled to begin treatment when he returned home.

Mom and dad have gone on three cruises.

The 911 terrorist attack upon US happened while they were on their first cruise.  On their second, my mother was walking and missed a curb, landing with the bulk of her weight on her shoulder which caused it to dislocate.  The ships doctors could offer her no help.  She had to wait until the next day – with the shoulder painfully out of socket –  to be treated by a doctor on land after they reached port. And this third cruise was tainted by the looming of chemotherapy ahead.

But, the medicine continues to remain on back order.  Week after week, his scheduled beginning appointment arrives.  Week after week, he receives the call that the medicine has not come in yet.

And we wonder:  How long can he wait? How long is … too long?

We trust and know that all things work together for good for those who love the Lord and called according to His purposes.  People speak:  If you love God, He’ll work it out.  Trust Him.

And we do love God. So, we pray.  And we wait.


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