Makes Me Happy Monday : Mailing Cards

Sweet card in a cellophane envelopeI love to send greeting cards.  I think sending a card through the mail is like sending an envelope of joy.  I LOVE to mail my cards in clear cellophane envelopes.  In the myriad of junk mail and bills in envelopes of white, a happy little handmade card in a clear envelope blesses from my mailbox all the way to yours!
Rather than create a brand new card every time I mail a card, I like to find a design that I like and create a handful of that particular design.  This is one of my favorite card designs.  I saw it somewhere on-line several years ago.  It was created by Julie Ebersole who has a great site, Paper Trufflez. I love the words, the leaves and the colors.  I love the little square that looks sorta like an old slide frame or a photo frame.  And I love the added detail in the sewing. Julie has a great eye for design and is wonderfully creative.  I would say that a few of my favorite card designs came from her inspiration.Julie Ebersole's Card Design

I used to send several cards a week.  Even at forty-one cents per piece of mail, sending a card through the mail is a great, inexpensive way to bless someone! Even if I put a dollar’s worth of time, energy and material into a card, fifty two dollars is a small amount of money to spend for a year’s worth of blessing one person a week!  So, this year, I’m going to try to do better at sending out cards for birthdays, anniversaries and especially notes of encouragement.

Mailing cards makes me happy.  What makes you happy this Monday?


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