New Year’s Resolution : To Hang

I’m not much for New Year’s resolutions.  While the beginning of a new year is refreshing, I don’t go overboard and write an entire new scene for the upcoming 365 days. It seems self-defeating.  In reality, nobody completely changes any one part of their life very successfully (unless something drastic happens).  So, I try to make small changes that will stick.

Chin up bar This is our small change for the physical aspect of things.  Like most women, I have little upper body strength.  So, I bought the chin up bar and it’s been hung in the most busy doorway in our home: the door from the hall/bedrooms  to the main living area.  I figure, if I can just hang there for a little while (yes, seconds) several times a day, eventually, I’ll be able to pull up a little.  And eventually, I’ll be able to do a few chin ups.  So, that’s my goal: to hang in the door a little while several times a day.  Sounds pitiful, but it’s a start. Pitiful?  Yes.  My oldest – who is MALE – can do more than one single handed chin up. dog.  That’s okay. I’m giving it a start.

I’ll keep you posted.

Do you have a plan of action for improving your physical abilities in the new year?  Tell me about it.


7 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution : To Hang

  1. Keep on hangin’, friend. I love the little bit at a time method, and the fact that you don’t have to leave the house makes success more likely.


  2. We’re doing “family walks.” Did two this week… or is it three?… and the kids love it. It’s good for Noah and Jasper also since Jasper’s leash-sense has dwindled rapidly in the months after his obedience course. As in plummeted to nonexistence. I too wish for more upper-body strength. I so don’t want the dreaded “wings” of the 60-yr-old lasses. I admire my mom’s conditioning… most of it gained by sheer hard work at her business, not through any gym or exercise program. She can outhang anyone when it comes to wallpapering, or outstain a giant when a trailer’s walls need staining. I admire my mom! I love my mom!


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