Changes in conversation

My youngest is nine. Why do I still say, “I’m going to go potty” before I go to the restroom?  It just hit me a few weeks ago. And I’ve been thinking about it lately.  I’ve been feeling that it was time to change my word choice.

But, yesterday cemented my decision.

The manI was in the hall at tech school when I heard my son’s voice.  He was introducing himself to someone.  Then he walked on to the break room.  I followed as I wanted a bottle of water.  We talked for a few minutes between classes as we battled with the drink machines.  I knew my time was getting short so I said, “I need to run.  I have to get to class, but have to go potty first.”  WHAT?  Did I say that?  To my nineteen year old son?  While in the break room at Augusta Technical College?

Yeah.  I did.

Thank goodness we were the only two in the break room. James didn’t even flinch.  He didn’t even seem to catch it.  Surely, if another student had been in the room, the air would have gone cold and stiflingly still. But, it was okay.  The coast was clear and I didn’t embarrass him … or myself!!!

Our family laughs about wanting to “catch the words that just came out of our mouth”. You know the feeling?  When you think about something AS you say it instead of BEFORE you say it.  And you realize, AS you say it, that it probably wasn’t the best thing to say.  That was me.  Wishing I could catch those words in mid-air and stuff them back into my mouth.

So, it’s over. “Potty” has been eliminated from my vocabulary – at least when it comes to my own children.  We’re just too “big” for that.

What habits have you held onto that are no longer necessary… or even beneficial?


One thought on “Changes in conversation

  1. I can only think about my dear Grandma and how she always said, ” I need to tinkle.” I would say that she had a long time before I came along to let go of that habit. I’ll ask you in about 30 years if you were able to really let that one go. 🙂 (m)


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